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Consulting services- rates are tailored to the scope of the client's particular needs.

Executive Coaching

Humnipotent Management TechniquesSM

(Humnipotent Management TechniquesTM in India)

Team and Company Culture Building

Strategic Business Planning

Internal Strategy and Alignment

Cultural Understanding

Techniques for Hiring the Right Talent

Managing Virtual Teams

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Programs and Presentations

  1. Building a Global Mindset without Leaving Your Desk
  2. Core Issues in Employee Engagement
  3. Managing Global Talent
  4. It's Time to Manage Differently: A New Business Vision for a New Business World
  5. Communications – the most important Competency for Global Success
  6. What CEO's Expect from HR
  7. Business Success in Overseas Markets
  8. Doing business in India: The Magic and the Mystic
  9. Onboarding - Webinar for HR Advisor
  10. Offboarding - Webinar for HR Advisor
  11. Total Rewards - a key to retaining talent - Webinar for HR Advisor
  12. WS Radio - HR Insights Hour (30 shows over various HR topics)

All are eligible for HRCI credit hours for recertification in either the Strategic or Global Category